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UK Exit the Union

Today, Friday 24th June 2016, is a monumental day in the course of our countries journey towards the future. As a nation we have taken the first step along a new path. We did not all vote in favour of taking this new step and the UK is almost evenly split on the issue. Regardless of how you voted, we must all now come together to work on precisely the same project; the project of writing the script for the next chapter in the story of our nation. In Whitehall and Westminster, there will now begin the mind-boggling job of untangling the UK from over 40 years of EU involvement. This will first and foremost be the responsibility of our politicians and their expert advisers, but it would also seem clear that such a task will also require input from a wide variety of the resources that the UK has at its disposal. Time and again, the UK’s army of freelance workers has proven itself to be a powerful force in contributing towards the economic prosperity of the UK. At Liberty Bishop we see no reason to think that this won’t continue into the future, with freelance workers playing a pivotal role in helping to shape our new trajectory on the global stage.

We will be keeping a close eye on and reporting any future development changes that will have an affect on the contracting industry.

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