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Sponsorship in The Netherlands for Non-EU Nationals.

Some more good news for the Liberty Bishop International team, our Dutch NEN-accredited employment service – Liberty Bishop (Netherlands) Ltd has been granted official recognition as a Sponsorship Employer in the Netherlands.

Click here to find the Public Register for recognised sponsors for the residence purpose ‘Labour’.

What does this mean?

We now have the ability to apply for Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) residence permits for temporary workers looking to work in the Netherlands.

This gives us the ability to attract a better workforce by reaching into a global talent pool of candidates, which in turn provides greater depth to our onward supply of labour to our customers and clients in the Netherlands.

What are the requirements for HSMs?

There are general requirements that apply to all;

  • You have a valid passport or other travel document.
  • You do not pose a danger to the public order or hold a criminal record.
  • After arriving in the Netherlands, you are willing to have a tuberculosis (TB) test. *There are exemptions to this and we can advise further.
  • You have an employment contract in the Netherlands with a sponsor recognised by the IND.
  • You meet the income requirements (“salary criterion”).
  • The agreed salary is in line with the market rate and any comparable salaries.

How do I apply?

Get in touch with the team here and we can assess your circumstances “case-by-case” as there are slight variations to the application process depending on your nationality.

Some individuals will need to obtain a provisional residence permit known as the MVV (“machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf) before entry into the Netherlands.

For those not requiring an MVV, we as your employer (the recognised sponsor) can apply for the HSM residence permit for you and you will be able to travel to the Netherlands in the so-called permit-exempt period.

How long does the application process take?

The IND must decide on the application within 90 days but strive to decide on the application within 2 weeks. This is on condition that the application is complete and submitted accurately.

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