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International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s day this year, we’re sharing the story of Dr Yvette Arthur, one of our many brilliant female contractor workers. Yvette works as a clinical psychologist and you’ll find her career story below.

My name is Dr. Yvette Arthur and I am a clinical psychologist, currently working at an early intervention service for people experiencing a first episode of Psychosis. My passion for clinical psychology stems from a desire to want to help people through difficult and isolating times, such as experiencing psychosis. 

During my day to day role, I provide individual cognitive behavioural therapy, provide group support, attend meetings with doctors and nurses, and provide teaching on working with complex mental health problems. Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on understanding the way in which our thoughts affect our feelings and behaviour. I most enjoy seeing people increase in confidence and self-esteem, in-spite of their mental health challenges. My biggest day-to-day challenge is managing my busy schedule, as sometimes it can become very busy! 

Some of my top tips for those looking to follow a career in clinical psychology is to get experience within the field so that you know what it is like and complete a degree or post degree qualification in mental health so that you can further develop your knowledge. It is also important to be patient and stay focused on your career goal, as clinical psychology doctoral courses are very competitive but it is NOT impossible to get a place on the course. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Liberty Bishop. 

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