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Remote Working during a Pandemic

The pandemic has seen a dramatic change to the hiring landscape, with clients adapting and allowing their workforce to work remotely overseas. Due to this, many recruitment agencies are now finding themselves in a position where they need to ensure that the worker is paying tax correctly and the supply chain is operating in line with the local laws/regulations of the country where the work is physically being completed.

Previously, if you had sourced an overseas candidate to come and work in the UK for your client, UK law would apply as the candidate would be physically completing work within the UK. However, if the overseas candidate is now permitted by the client to work remotely and stay within their home country, the local laws of their working location would now be applicable. This brings into effect a multitude of regulations that can affect the entire supply chain, with associated risks to all parties concerned if handled incorrectly.

As an example, if the candidate is remotely working for your client within the Netherlands, local Dutch Law’s would apply for the supply chain such as ‘Dutch Chain Liability’, KvK Registration Requirements and Local Comparable Pay Regulations – to name a few. To overlook, ignore or even flout these obligations, can put the entire supply chain at risk and incur the wrath of the local authorities!

With the substantial increase in remote working, there has never been a more important time to operate a robust due diligence process on each placement. We can competently guide you to ensure that you are ‘business ready’ to sit within the supply chain for labour and assist any worker with fulfilling their local tax requirements as a temporary worker with the support of either our locally registered Umbrella Company Solutions or Self-Employed Accountancy support.

Do you have remote workers overseas and need assistance to ensure that you, your client and worker are working compliantly and under local laws? Do you need a compliant and professional Umbrella Company or self-employed support for your contract workers?

Contact us should you have any candidates due to work remotely in any of the following locations:

Belgium | France | Germany | Ireland | Italy | Luxembourg | Netherlands | Spain | Sweden

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