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Author: Liberty Bishop

Dansk Industri (DI) Members

Liberty Bishop (Denmark) Ltd is proudly registered with the Dansk Industri. After recently launching our Danish Temporary Employment (Umbrella) Service, we are pleased to announce we are a business member of the Dansk Industri (DI). Who are the DI?The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is

The ID06 Card in Sweden

The ID06 system was launched by Byggföretagen in 2006 to simplify the recording and reporting system within construction sites in Sweden. As of 1 July 2016, this was made mandatory requiring all workers employed on a construction site across Sweden to hold a valid ID06 card

Construction in Ireland

It has been well documented that Coronavirus has deeply impacted the ability for construction projects to scale up and keep to completion deadlines since the start of the pandemic. The Irish government has only recently advised about lifting restrictions from the 12th April – of

NEN-certified in the Netherlands!

Liberty Bishop International are proud to announce that our Dutch temporary employment service, Liberty Bishop (Netherlands) Ltd has been granted NEN-certification (NEN 4400-2) as of the 18th March 2021. Click here for our extract from the Labour Standards Register (SNA). Our Sales Director, James Barron

Remote Working during a Pandemic

The pandemic has seen a dramatic change to the hiring landscape, with clients adapting and allowing their workforce to work remotely overseas. Due to this, many recruitment agencies are now finding themselves in a position where they need to ensure that the worker is paying

International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s day this year, we’re sharing the story of Dr Yvette Arthur, one of our many brilliant female contractor workers. Yvette works as a clinical psychologist and you’ll find her career story below. My name is Dr. Yvette Arthur and I