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Celebrating a High-Level Off-Shore Project successfully delivered in Denmark!

Liberty Bishop International wanted to share and celebrate a fantastic triumph in Esbjerg, Denmark!

Our dedicated team has invested their utmost effort to support the successful delivery of a large-scale offshore project to a 5 billion DKK turnover business. The outstanding results speak for themselves.

It’s been an amazing journey of collaboration, supporting and providing the supply chain and our recruitment partners on this project with initial pricing under the Danish Collective Agreements (Industriens Overenskomst and Elektrikeroverenskomst) to ensure compliance and longevity on the project.

The team also attended many meetings with the subcontractors to discuss all payment elements ensuring that all parties were aligned as well as implementing efficient onboarding processes to make the recruiting process/mobilisation of the individuals, as seamless as possible!

With our support, over 200 individuals were mobilised for the project from April 2022 through to June 2024 with us providing all local registration support and hundreds of successful bi-weekly payrolls (over DKK 100 million in salaries!) whilst dealing with multiple questions and queries efficiently.

We look forward to continuing to support our supply chains, clients and contractors with compliant project tendering and pay solutions with the UK and Europe.

Don’t just win, Succeed!

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