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Dansk Industri (DI) Members

Liberty Bishop (Denmark) Ltd is proudly registered with the Dansk Industri. After recently launching our Danish Temporary Employment (Umbrella) Service, we are pleased to announce we are a business member of the Dansk Industri (DI).

Who are the DI?
The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is Denmark’s largest employers’ organisation working within multiple sectors to improve communication and regulation between employers and various unions. The DI additionally supports employment businesses with compliance, advice and legal support, further ensuring that Liberty Bishop (Denmark) Ltd is well-versed and positioned to support your Danish-based projects and contracts.

Collective Labour Agreements & Unions
Within Unionised and regulated industries, a Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) and Union are likely to hold governance over the site, working requirements and payment elements. The CLA’s and Unions are there to ensure parity of worker practice and rights for individuals working within the industry. These dictate requirements such as;

  • Working time
  • Base & Overviews PAYE rate requirements
  • Holiday
  • Rotations
  • Pension

Due to these stipulations, it is imperative to understand the requirements on-site and what this means for you when sourcing and pricing for your Danish opportunity.

As members of the DI, Liberty Bishop (Denmark) Ltd are now (even more efficiently) able to access and determine the required working requirements for your project and provide pricing as your partnered outsourced temporary employer (Umbrella) in Denmark. This will ensure that all parties are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ from your initial communication to your client, all the way through to the payment to the workers. Getting your pricing correct at the front-end of any planned project is crucial to prevent any nasty financial disasters and back-pay to the temporary workers. Get in touch with the team to ensure that you are operating compliantly and continue to be included in the project.

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