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The ID06 Card in Sweden

The ID06 system was launched by Byggföretagen in 2006 to simplify the recording and reporting system within construction sites in Sweden. As of 1 July 2016, this was made mandatory requiring all workers employed on a construction site across Sweden to hold a valid ID06 card in order to log their entry and exit from the site.

ID06 is an electronic system that registers everyone who works on a construction site across Sweden and was implemented to create a safer work environment and ensure only a legal workforce was present on site.

Skatteverket has the ability and right to visit random sites across Sweden to check all workers have their relevant ID06 card and can charge fines up to 10,000 SEK to the employer if they are found guilty, the employer also risks being banned from construction sites for not obeying this legislation.

All supply chains and employers are responsible for ensuring their temporary workers are in possession of an ID06 card, it is not the obligation of the individual worker to arrange their own. 

Liberty Bishop (Sweden) Ltd is an accredited company that can produce ID06 cards for contractors working on construction sites across Sweden.

Each ID06 card should include a clear photo of the individual and the application should be applied for before arrival to Sweden. Upon approval, an appointment time can then be arranged for manual verification of the individual. After the final identification is completed, the ID06 card will be sent to the site or desired delivery address.

If you have a project requiring such documentation and support, reach out to one of our dedicated team, to discuss the process and ID06 registered service within Sweden to avoid any delays, risks or issues.

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