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NEN-certified in the Netherlands!

Liberty Bishop International are proud to announce that our Dutch temporary employment service, Liberty Bishop (Netherlands) Ltd has been granted NEN-certification (NEN 4400-2) as of the 18th March 2021.

Click here for our extract from the Labour Standards Register (SNA).

Our Sales Director, James Barron shared his thoughts;

“With the continued uncertainties around UK-based businesses operating in Europe, we firmly believe that this certification will remove any ill-feeling towards Brexit and distinctly place us as a UK market leader for supplying labour into the Netherlands. The certification coupled with our vast years of experience, further demonstrates our continued commitment to compliance when supporting our clients, customers and temporary workers.”

So what is NEN-Certification?

NEN 4400-2 is developed for foreign companies (non-Dutch based) that perform work in the Netherlands. These are companies that provide temporary labour and staff to end clients/hirers.

The NEN 4400-2 standard specifies requirements for:

  • the company
  • the personnel administration at the company
  • the payroll administration of the company
  • the financial administration of the company
  • the user/posting situation and outsourcing of work within the company

You can find further detailed information here about the NEN standards and Labour Standards Register.

Benefits of using a NEN-Certified Company

Companies certified according to the NEN-4400-2 standard distinguish themselves as reliable staffing businesses and restrict commercial risks in relation to employment. In particular, it significantly reduces the risks of;

  • Wages and Salaries Tax and Social Security Contributions Act (Liability of Subcontractors)
  • User Company liability
  • Dutch Collection State Taxes Act 1990 (invorderingswet 1990)
  • Registration obligation of staffing agencies (7a Waadi)
  • Equal facilities and open vacancies (8a, 8b Waadi)
  • Minimum wage and equal wages according to collective labour agreement client
  • Illegal employment

With NEN 4400-2 certification you know categorically that the company is compliant with Dutch legislation and regulations.

If you would like to find out more about working in partnership with ourselves and how our Dutch Umbrella Service can efficiently assist temporary labour supply in the Netherlands – please contact the Liberty Bishop International team, we are here to help.

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